Why I Like It
Creamy centre sandwiched
between chocolate biscuits.
I love oreos because they are so yummy.
I wish I had them more often.
I love the original flavour the best because
it's chocolatey!!!
Oreo Wafer Sticks
Chocolate wafer with choclate coating.
Oreo wafer sticks nice because they have
wafer and chocolate. They are not as good as
the oreo.
Oreo Wafer Sticks Mint
Mint wafer with chocolate coating.
The mint adds nice flavour to the wafer.
Golden Oreo

Vanilla biscuit and chocolate filling.
Golden oreo is really nice becuase of the
chocolate cream inside.
Mini Oreo

Original but bite sized.
Mini oreo is too small and I like lots of size.
Dubble Stuffed Oreo

Extra cream filling.
Dubble stuufed oreo is nice because it's big
but if you eat too many it can get a bit sweet
make you feel not so good.
Dubble Deleight Oreo

Has two fillings in the one cookie.
Dubble deleight oreos are nice but it depends
on what flavours are combined.
White Fudge Oreo

Covered in a layer of fudge.
I dont like fudge but my friend said it adds a
bit of sweetness.
Oreo Cakesters

Two soft snack cakes with vanilla filling.
It tastes a bit like fudge cake but not too sweet
which is good.
Banana Split Oreo

Yellow filling with banana flavour.
I don't like banana but if you have them with milk
you can't taste the flavour that much.
Halloween & Christmas Oreos

At halloween there are oreos with orange filling and at christmas blue, red and green filling.
I like these oreos because they taste the same but they have theme colours.
Oreo Handi-snacks

Oreo cookies with a little box of icing.

Yummy Oreos!