Name of the product

Cost of the prouduct


Ingredients of the product

Description of the product
Aeroplane Jelly
85 grams
Gelatine, Sweeteners, Food acid, Flavours and Colours.
Green is tasty small yummy. I think it is a very slimy and yummy. Very nice with icecream and cream.

Why I like it?
It is very sweet and I like very sweet products. It has a very catchy front and it
is the best product.
People's opinions:
Alex - It is alright. I like it because it has a nice flavour.
Mitch - Yes, I love Aeroplane jelly. It is very tasty and delicous.
Lachie R- Yes, I like it. Because it is made by ya mum and it tastes yummy.


by bigmick